Modul-System Introduces Bluetooth Asset Tracker to Safeguard Valuable Equipment

Modul-System Introduces Bluetooth Asset Tracker to Safeguard Valuable Equipment


Gothenburg, 2024-01-24 – Modul-System, a leading provider of van racking and equipment for commercial vehicles, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation – the Bluetooth Asset Tracker. The lightweight and durable trackers are designed to help businesses and professionals prevent the loss or theft of their most valuable assets. As well as real-time locations of tracked assets, their regular maintenance schedules can be set and alerts received through the Customer Portal. Tools that are not equipped with a tracker can also utilize this feature, creating an inventory of all valuable equipment and upcoming inspections.

"We are confident that the Asset Tracker will bring value to our customers, offering both equipment safeguarding and streamlined maintenance documentation," says Thomas Johansson, vice president for Modul-System.

Key Features:

Real-Time Tracking: The Asset Tracker utilizes Bluetooth technology to offer real-time tracking of a fleet’s equipment. Never worry about losing a tool again, as the tracker provides instant notifications via the mobile app—Modul-Connect—or a switch panel with display when an asset is missing.

Last Seen Position: In the unfortunate event of a missing tool, Modul-Connect records the last seen position of the tracker. This feature aids users in navigating back to the location of lost tools.

Modul-Connect Customer Portal: Gain access to the Customer Portal, allowing you to manage and schedule maintenance for your fleet’s tools efficiently. Set the frequency of maintenance tasks to ensure optimal performance. The portal also includes a real-time map feature, allowing you to monitor all of the fleet’s tools. Follow the trackers, and quickly identify any missing tools for enhanced control and security.

Insurance Documentation: Enhance your insurance process by attaching photos and serial numbers of your equipment in the Customer portal or in the app for easy accessibility. In case of tool loss, this information becomes crucial when contacting your insurance company.

“Our Asset Tracker not only safeguards fleet’s tools but also addresses the critical issue of cost efficiency. The expenses arising from equipment loss and subsequent job delays, resulting from not having the right tools on hand, are substantial for fleets dependent on their equipment for daily operations. Our Asset Tracker is a game-changer for professionals who rely on their tools for daily operations and is an essential addition to any equipment,” says Thomas Johansson.

Modul-System’s Bluetooth Asset Tracker is designed to withstand demanding tasks with its waterproof and durable features. This tracker is meticulously crafted to safeguard the fleet's valuable tools, effectively addressing the risks of tool loss while ensuring streamlined and efficient maintenance processes. Trust in the Modul-Connect Bluetooth Asset Tracker for a seamless blend of reliability and innovation in daily fleet operations.

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