Modul-System Unveils Security System for Commercial Vehicles

Modul-System Unveils Security System for Commercial Vehicles


Mölndal, SwedenModul-System, one of the global leaders in van racking and equipment for commercial vehicles, has launched a smart connected security system designed to safeguard commercial fleets around the clock. This new offering withing the Modul-Connect system integrates asset trackers, motion sensors, door/contact sensors, and more, ensuring comprehensive protection for tools and equipment.

Enhanced Security Features

The Modul-System security solution within the Modul-Connect system aims to prevent theft and unauthorised access. Motion sensors detect any movement within the vehicle while door/contact sensors detects when a door or locker are opened unexpectedly, ensuring a prompt response to unauthorised access. Asset trackers provide real-time tracking of tools and equipment, allowing fleet managers and users to continuously monitor their assets.

The new security system represents a significant leap forward in vehicle protection, combining remote monitoring and control with real-time tracking for precise location. Users can now monitor their vehicle’s security status and manage the system remotely via a user-friendly app or web portal. Real-time alerts with sound notify users of any unauthorised access attempts, enabling prompt responses to potential threats. Additionally, an audible siren deters potential thieves, while a hook lock offers an extra layer of physical security. This system operates 24/7, giving users peace of mind that their fleet is always protected.

"One amazing feature is that the app notification is both visible and audible, with the sound designed to go through even if the phone is set to silent mode, guaranteeing that users never miss a critical alert," said Thomas Johansson, Vice President of Modul-System.

Addressing the Cost of Tool Loss

Tool theft and loss can significantly impact operational costs and productivity. The system helps prevent theft and unauthorised access, reducing the likelihood of tools being lost or stolen. This proactive approach not only safeguards valuable equipment but also minimises downtime associated with replacement and operational disruptions. With continuous monitoring and immediate alert capabilities, fleet managers can swiftly respond to incidents, further minimising financial losses and ensuring uninterrupted workflow efficiency.


User-Friendly App Integration

The security system is controlled via an intuitive app. Users can easily activate or deactivate the alarm system with a simple slider and schedule alarms to be active during non-operational hours, ensuring continuous protection.

"The new security system we're introducing shows how dedicated we are to improving vehicle protection and supporting our clients’ operations. We're integrating cutting-edge technology with easy-to-use interfaces to set a higher standard in fleet security. This will give businesses the confidence they need," said Thomas Johansson, Vice President of Modul-System

About Modul-System

Modul-System continues to develop cutting-edge solutions that enhance the efficiency and productivity of mobile workforces. The introduction of this new security system underscores their dedication to staying ahead of industry needs and delivering unparalleled value to clients.



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